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Nuclear safety

Absorption of Iodine

Reactor security: Radioactive gaseous iodine is one of the most important nuclides whose release from nuclear facilities is to be prevented. For the selective removal of iodine in off-gas treatment systems of nuclear power plants, reprocessing plants and nuclear research facilities, C&CS offers the following three iodine adsorbents as proven solutions from CLARIANT:

C&CS offers the following CLARIANT types:

  • IODINE ADSORBENT AC6120 / 12% (Ag)
  • IODINE ADSORBENT AC6120 / 7%(Ag)

The silver compound containing iodine adsorbents AC6120 / 7% and AC6120 / 12% were developed for the selective adsorption of organically bound iodine (e.g. methyl iodide or iodomethane) and inorganic iodine.

The potassium iodide containing adsorbent DSM11 was developed for selective absorption of inorganic iodine in the presence of organically bound iodine. For complete absorption of inorganic and organically bound iodine, it is used in combination with the AC6120 adsorbent.

Due to the characteristic chemical properties of iodine with silver compounds and potassium iodide,  iodine is absorbed by chemisorption in the three iodine adsorbents. Noble gases are not adsorbed because of their special chemical composition.