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Nuclear safety

Absorption of Iodine

Reactor security: Radioactive gaseous Iodine is one of the most important nuclides, whose emission is to be prevented from nuclear plants. In a lot of nuclear power plants there are off-gas treatment systems to absorb the volatile nuclides. CLARIANT silver impregnated activated carbons specifically absorb Iodine, are resistant against humidity and show a higher efficiency in Iodine removal. Because of the very high absorption capacity often smaller plants with substitution cycles > 12 months are sufficient. CLARIANT products are proven solutions for nuclear power plants, nuclear reprocessing plants and nuclear research institutes.

Occupational safety and health: Iodine 129 und 131 are very volatile hazardous substances, that are quickly distributed in the air and can be respirated. Filter in respirator masks contain Ag-activated carbon according to the European standard e.g. ASTM D 3803:1991 "Adsorption of gaseous, radioactive Iodine by activated carbon“, the EN 14387+A1 and DIN 58621.

C&CS offers the following CLARIANT types:


  • IODINE ADSORBENT AC6120 / 12% (Ag)