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Portrait It all began in 1993 with catalytic tests and developments for the chemical industry. Immediately after completing my studies, I started my own business with analytics - as part of GWP mbH. More and more customers wanted small quantities of tested products and thus the advice-intensive trade in catalysts and sorbents was created; 5 years ago we have been spun out of the mother; today, hundreds of barrels, sacks and tanks are stored at our outdoor warehouses at C&CS. C&CS consists of a team of experts in the field of catalysts and processes, which advises and distributes on all topics of industrial gas treatment. CLARIANT AG is our most important supplier.

Mission. We take care of the needs of the catalyst-using industry and deliver the exact catalysts, adsorbents, chemical specialties, processes and services it needs, in an extremely customer-oriented way.

Vision. We know every reactor We supply all reactors of the world with available catalysts & adsorbents. What, when, where and how complex.

Values. Our values ​​are enthusiasm, respect and trust, lifelong learning and excellence, in short BeReLeXt®.

Why apply to C&CS? In a team with less than 10 employees, there is a family climate and virtually no hierarchies exist. Everyone should take the best place in the company to develop his talents. Since we are housed in the building together with the GWP, there are many business & personal contacts with these approximately 20 materials scientists. You will have many different tasks and will have to cooperate with many people. We want to grow at over 20% per year and add more products from more suppliers to our portfolio. What I can promise: it never gets boring,

your Dr. J. Nickl