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It all started in 1993 with catalyst tests and developments for the chemical industry. More and more customers wanted small quantities of tested products and so the consulting intensive trade with catalysts and sorbents developed. Today C&CS stores hundreds of drums in our external warehouse. C&CS operates a refilling station, built according to environmental and safety aspects. This enables C&CS to produce customer-specific quantities. C&CS consists of a team of experts in the field of catalysts and processes who will be happy to advise you on all aspects of industrial gas treatment and purification. Due to the direct availability of a large number of catalysts and sorbents we can deliver immediately after receipt of your order!


We take care of the needs of the catalyst-using industry and supply the catalysts, adsorbents, chemical specialties, processes and services it needs in an extremely customer-oriented manner.


We know every reactor We supply all reactors of the world with catalysts & adsorbents available to us. What, when, where and how complex.


BeReLeXt Our values are enthusiasm, respect & trust, lifelong learning and excellence, in short BeReLeXt®.

Quality policy

The quality policy is aimed at a high level of customer satisfaction. The satisfied customer comes back and recommends us. The most important components are:

  • High customer benefit through individual offers, which also lead to unusual customer enquiries and suitable offers.
  • a team of enthusiastic employees who enjoy satisfied or even enthusiastic customers - respect and trust towards the customer and each other in the team
  • A strong team of motivated and highly qualified employees who undergo regular further training - a modern infrastructure maintained by all employees